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Advantages of an Automated Instagram Services

With over 700 million active users, Instagram is a market that is ripe to be tapped. But tapping the Instagram followers for potential customers is not as easy as hopping online and posting some pics. In this article on Automatic Daily Followers, we’ll discuss the advantages of using an automated daily Instagram service.

Like any social media platform, Instagram can be used as a marketing tool, but using that tool requires some marketing savvy. And, let’s face it, it also requires research and in-depth knowledge of the quirks and tricks of Instagram. On top of that knowledge, Instagram marketing also requires data mining, research and analysis of algorithms, and a whole slew of other time-consuming footwork.

That’s where automated daily Instagram services come in. Designed by people who understand marketing and Instagram, such programs are really a gift for anyone, whether it’s for users who are simply trying to use Instagram to promote an already established brand, or for users hoping to use Instagram to launch their careers.

Time Saver

An obvious perk of using an automated daily service for Instagram is that it saves time. For business owners especially, this can be a huge relief. A business day is only so long, and when you’ve got a business to run, checking and posting on various social media feeds is probably not the highest priority.

But it should definitely be a top priority. Instagram allows companies to establish direct communication lines with customers, receive real consumer feedback, and reach their customers in more personal and engaging ways than ever before. The days of paper advertisements that get thrown out with the other junk mail are over. Now with Instagram, brands can get the attention of followers and potential customers just by appearing in someone’s feed.

The only setback to this form of marketing is that it is time-consuming. Posting, commenting, liking, and following Instagrammers takes time. So, the best solution to saving time that you already don’t have enough of and increasing your customer pool? An automated daily Instagram service. Such services will do all the Instagram activities for you, so that you can direct your attention to other matters.

Money Saver

For the cost, an automated service ends up being a money-saver, especially when compared to paying for a social media manager.

A social media manager can do it all. From responding to customer queries to following relevant users who will likely follow back and become engaged customers, social media managers can use Instagram in the most effective way possible. The only problem is that they also require salaries, benefits, and all the other costs that are part of hiring real people.

With an automated service, it’s not necessary to shell out money for a salary. All the perks of having a social media savvy manager are available but at a fraction of the cost. In terms of business solutions, automated services are a smart choice.

Effective Marketing

Being a smart business owner doesn’t necessarily equate with being an effective marketing strategist. Certainly, a business owner knows the ins and outs of the services provided by the company, the specifics of the industry, and probably know the regulars like the back of his hand. But does he know how to edit images to advertisement quality, or how to create catchy hashtags, or get the right tone and wording needed to write engaging captions?

Automated daily services for Instagram are engineered specifically with these types of business owners in mind, and they’re just as great for people who want to grow their Instagram career. Automated services are developed specifically as marketing tools, and the ones that are specifically designed for Instagram have the metrics of the platform built into the system, making them products that combine the best of both worlds.

These services also give their clients a competitive edge. Just like beating a computer playing chess is difficult, competing against these automated services as a lone Instagrammer puts you at a distinct disadvantage. With how effective these services are, it makes one wonder how many successful Instagrammers already use automated services.

More Followers Means More Customers

This, of course, is the main goal of any marketing strategy: more customers. An increased customer pool means an increase in customer spending and, in the best-case scenario, a returning and lifelong customer base.

An automated service makes it easier to increase the number of followers that you have on Instagram, and an increase in the number of followers entails an increase in the number of potential customers. Automated services can increase the follower pool by following other users, who often return the favor by following back. They can also increase the number of followers by posting relevant pics and captions that draw customer attention to the brand.

Another automated service that can increase your customer pool is the one we offer here at Automatic Daily Followers, where we help connect real followers to your brand. Real followers means real people, whose profile connections and activities can lead to increased exposure for your brand. This is word-of-mouth in the age of social media. As people see which users their favorite stars are following, and which pics they’ve liked recently, the higher the chances that your brand will pop up in other people’s feeds and generate a bigger following.  

Higher Conversion Rates from Engagement

Ultimately, what you want from any automated service is not just to increase your brand’s image in the public, but to create real customers. Automated services help convert followers into customers through the art of engagement.

Engagement gets the attention of customers, but more than that, it encourages likes, clicks to your website, and purchasing. From visually compelling images, to intriguing captions, and exciting calls to action, automated services leverage the different strategies that create customer engagement. These different engagement strategies added up are like the perfect hook in a novel that makes the reader want to buy the book, so she can read it. Strong engagement is key to getting followers to become customers who want your product, and automated services create lasting engagement.  

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How Does a Business Get Instagram Followers?

If you have a business that you are promoting, then you’ve probably been hit over the head time and time again with the importance of social media marketing. However, despite how many times people may have told you how essential this is, you may still not quite understand why it is such a necessity for the success of your business. After all, the traditional way of doing business, for so long, didn’t involve social media or the web in any way whatsoever.

Of course, like nearly every other aspect of our lives did when the web was introduced to the world, business has evolved. We now communicate with people differently, conduct our shopping differently, spend our downtime differently—why wouldn’t we do business differently too?

The Importance of Social Media in Business

Having a social media presence can be make or break for your business—but why?

Today, nearly every niche is becoming more competitive, with more companies cropping up all over the place due to the web. This means consumers have more options, which can sometimes be more of a challenge rather than more freeing. To make the right decision, consumers—that is, your potential clients and customers—are compelled to turn to the web to conduct research on their options and decide which company is the right choice for them.

One way these individuals are able to determine whether or not they should work with or by from a certain company is by checking out their social media presence. If a business has good and active social media profiles, it leads them to believe that the company is legitimate and credible. On the other hand, if their social media presence is inactive or nonexistent, then many people may think that the business has gone out of business, or is not a reputable company.

To show your target audience that you are here and ready to serve them, it’s important to be able to tap into that audience online. Let them know who you are and that you have what they are looking for. The best way to do this is by getting a decent following on Instagram, which is currently the most popular and most effective way for businesses to get the following they are looking for.

Of course, getting a large following on Instagram is easier said than done. Consider some of these tips and strategies to help you reach your goal:

Make Relevant and Helpful Posts

It only makes sense that you won’t have a decent following on Instagram if you don’t give people a reason to follow you. The best way to begin improving your profile in Instagram is to work on your content—you want to post frequently with interesting, helpful, engaging content. Make your profile something that your target audience would benefit from following—otherwise, the rest of your attempts to get a following will hardly matter.

If you can find a way to draw people to your profile, that’s all it takes to get those followers—as long as seeing your profile will convince them to follow it. Make sure to post at least once every few days, and when you post, make sure it’s worth looking at.

Don’t Forget to Hashtag

Hashtags help your target audience to find you—otherwise, you may just be shouting into an empty void. Use relevant hashtags, and use as many of them as you can think of. This will help people who are interested in your niche, or the subject matter of your post, to find your profile and possibly even decide to follow you.

Check Out the Hashtags You’re Using

If there are certain hashtags you’re using frequently, such as your company name or something pertaining to your niche, don’t be afraid to check out that hashtag by searching it and see what other people are posting. From there, you can follow other users who also often use the same hashtags, and possibly get their attention from doing so and earn a follow-back, or you can try interacting with these users. Comment on post relevant to your business or niche, and not only will the user who posted see it, but the people who follow that user may stumble across it as well. If your post was well-executed, that just may be enough to convince them to check out your profile, and consequently, earn a follow.  

Engage with Your Audience

Your following on Instagram consists of real people—that number that shows up depicting the number of followers you have is more than just a number, it represents actual humans who are looking at your posts and who are interested in what you have to say. While this is obvious, it can be easy to forget sometimes.

The people you follow want to know that real people exist behind your company logo, too. In the same way that users of Instagram interact with each other, you should feel comfortable jumping into the fray yourself and engaging with your audience. Don’t be afraid to comment on posts that pertain to your niche and allow your voice to be heard. Through this, people will take notice of your account, and even check out your profile, decide that they like what they see, and hit your follow button.

Promote Your Instagram

Finally, the only way to get new Instagram followers is not on the web. Like we stated before, these users are real people with lives off their computers too. Make sure you include your Instagram on business cards, pamphlets, and other promotional material. If the customers you already have know that you exist on social media, they may follow you there too.

In Summary

As you can see, there are a lot of things you can do in order to earn that dedicated Instagram following you want. For more tips and information, or for help in growing your Instagram following, get in touch with us at Automatic Daily Followers. We can help you reach your goals and show you what a difference it can make in the success of your business when you have a large following on Instagram to tap into.

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